Xbox 360, the significantly newer version to the old games console.

The Xbox 360 has been on the European market since 2005, and has found many friends and lovers. Developer of the Xbox 360 is of course Microsoft. One knows them also under the name Xbos 2 or Xbox Next.

The Xbox has been developed so that you can play on it. But what does play mean? Nothing, because many people use the game console even just to do a little sport after their stressful working day, and so let the workday end completely alone and relaxed. The console is also often used to be online and to be connected to other players.

Everyone who has bought an Xbox 360 has the possibility to create a premium account. The Premium Account is available in three different colors, gold, silver and bronze. Each color has its own advantages for the respective user.

Premium Account Gold:

The premium account Gold for the Xbox 360 contains basically everything that the user needs. So you can surf for a whole year for free on the marketplace of the account, and download a certain number of games for free from the marketplace, as a demo of course.

The silver account of the game console contains the same as the gold edition, with the difference that it does not refer to a whole year, but only to half a year.

And now to the Bronze Account, this account contains the same as the gold and silver account, only that it refers to three months, and not to half a year or a whole year. Each of these premium accounts costs a fixed amount once a year, and the user can start using his game console.