Overview: What the new iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Pro 2020

A few days ago Apple introduced three new products, which will be launched this week. We’ll give you an overview, whereby our main focus will of course be on the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020. Have fun reading and maybe even shopping?

The new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is probably the most exciting of the updates, which is why we’re starting right away. The new Pro first comes with a new processor, the A12Z. Unfortunately, it is still as fast as the A12X could have been and it’s certainly not an A13 processor. But we should be satisfied with it. At least it brings a slight improvement.

We also get something really new: a LIDAR sensor. This sensor uses beams to measure how far away an object is and can thus measure space in three dimensions. This technology can be used later for better photos and already today AR apps benefit from it, such as Apple’s own Measure app.

We also got a keyboard called Magic Keyboard, which actually includes a trackpad and turns the iPad into a laptop. The gestures and mouse support was added in iPadOS 13.4, which we got yesterday.

The new MacBook Air

With MacBook Air, Apple is continuing what it began with the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019: In other words, a LIDAR sensor keyboard and better processors. That’s the new MacBook Air, and it even comes at the same price and with more memory in the basic SSD. Isn’t it great? Well, we still don’t recommend the basic version, because users have often said that it doesn’t perform well enough. Especially in our editorial office, we have a case of the 2019 MacBook Air that is really struggling with the i3.

But if you are only editing some Word documents and are otherwise on the Internet, then it will be enough for you.

The new Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is quickly explained. It simply has more memory under the hood, so it’s not even really a new product. But we thought we’d let you know anyway, because there will always be buyers of the Mac Mini among you.