How to Gamble Using Mastercard

Mastercard is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of depositing and withdrawing money with an online casino, and for very good reason. Mastercards are fast and convenient, whilst they also offer excellent safety for players operating online. In essence, using Mastercard adds an additional layer of security between your bank account and online casino, while they will also cover any losses if used fraudulently. So, just how can players use Mastercard when gambling online?

Funding a casino account using Mastercard is very simple, with the majority of platforms offering this as one of their main methods of depositing and withdrawing cash. Players are required to enter their card details and personal information, with money normally being transferred immediately using this option. However, Mastercard credit cards do occasionally come with an additional one-off charge when it comes to online gambling deposits, so be sure to check with your casino beforehand. Players are likely to be willing to pay a small sum of money if they get a more convenient and secure payment method.

Meanwhile, Mastercard used to be used in order to process withdrawals with online gambling sites, however new regulations mean that this is no longer accepted, even when deposits are made using this method. As a result, players must look for an alternative when it comes to taking home their winnings, whether it be an e-wallet or wire transfer.

Responsible Gambling Using Mastercard

As with any form of gambling, it is important to play responsibly, which starts with the method used to process payments with your online casino. Mastercards often allow players to deposit using credit, which is often viewed as a positive, however it can be a quickfire way to get yourself into debt. As a result, players should only deposit funds using money in which they have, rather than with credit. This will ensure that gambling remains fun at all times, while a loss does not have too much of a significant impact on your life. All online casinos in Nigeria and sportsbooks today work with organisations surrounding responsible gambling, offering advice to players in danger.

About Mastercard

Mastercard was founded back in the 1960’s in California, with the likes of Wells Fargo and Union Bank of California having been the first banks to introduce it. Having grown significantly already, Mastercard started to make an impact in Europe in the late 1970’s, before online casinos were quick to adopt this payment method too, offering a safe and secure option for those looking to move money. Back in 2006, Mastercard went public for the first time, selling 61.5 million shares at $39 each.