Delayed opening of gambling halls: Paul Gauselmann writes to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

German gambling mogul Paul Gauselmann has written a personal letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the letter, Gauselmann is said to have expressed disappointment and regret that licensed gaming halls in the UK would not be allowed to open alongside betting shops on April 12.

This is not conducive to the principles of fair competition for which the UK traditionally stands, Gauselmann explained. He therefore asked the British prime minister to reconsider the decision, as gaming halls do not pose a risk of infection.

Gambling industry is discriminated

In its letter, Gauselmann stresses that its company is one of the largest operators of gambling venues in the UK. The company has invested around GBP 450 million to date and employs more than 2,000 people, he said.

But now Gauselmann is wondering whether it is worth continuing to invest in new sites as planned because the gaming venues are being treated disrespectfully. This, he said, had affected the Gauselmann Group’s confidence in its UK investments.

Paul Gauselmann has been running his gambling business for over 60 years. However, it is said to be the first time that the gambling magnate has personally approached a head of government to discuss political decisions.

He said the company was ready to cooperate with the government and contribute to the country’s economic recovery. The Gauselmann Group had been audited by the Global Gambling Guidance Group [page in English] for compliance with international standards. This provides a strong basis for investment plans in the UK.

Now, however, in light of the political decision, there were doubts about whether future investments would pay off. Gauselmann says it is aware that the government will have to make difficult decisions. However, the aim is to prevent low-risk companies from being excluded from the reopening.