Firefox has a fire: Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities discovered

The Firefox web browser contains two critical vulnerabilities that are already being exploited by attackers. An update is available and should be installed immediately.

The Mozilla Foundation points out two security vulnerabilities in the current versions of its web browser Firefox. The two vulnerabilities are of the so-called ‘use-after-free’ type and could be used to execute malicious code in the browser on the user’s system.

The advisory states that Firefox attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities have already been observed, so users should update as soon as possible. The two vulnerabilities are assigned CVE numbers 2020-6819 and 2020-6820. 74.0.1 of the current Firefox browser and 68.6.1 of the ISR branch of Firefox have been sealed (in all operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux).

Francisco Alonso of revskills and Javier Marcos of JMPSec reported the vulnerabilities, which concern possible race conditions when using the nsDocShell destructor and when handling a ReadableStream. On Twitter Alonso points out that other browsers might be affected as well. At the moment there are no further details about the vulnerabilities, but they will follow soon. Already in January this year there was a critical vulnerability in Firefox.

Brief information: 5G, Google, Corona vaccination study, PS4 game

Our weekday news overview summarizes the most important news of the day in a short and concise manner.

Federal government wants to convince 5G sceptics

Together with local authorities, the Federal Government wants to achieve more understanding among citizens for the construction of new mobile masts and convince “5G sceptics”. The corona crisis once again underlines the importance of high-performance digital infrastructures and end-to-end accessibility, according to a letter from Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. The background to this are concerns in the population about radiation exposure, for example. There is also criticism that transmission masts are disfiguring the landscape. According to the ministers, the municipalities have to participate in the search for sites for new mobile radio stations and finally have to actively support the planned transmitter stations on site.

Google supports fact checker for Covid-19 with millions

Google intends to financially support 20 fact-checking organisations worldwide that are dedicated to the fight against disinformation, particularly in connection with the corona virus. The funding program is said to be worth more than 6.3 million US dollars. The aim of the funding programme is to make broader use of existing expertise, share experiences and thus reduce the spread of false information. In Germany, the Correctiv research centre is being supported in order to further expand a programme with which it hopes to involve citizens in the fight against disinformation.

Corona vaccination study begins in the USA

A vaccine is needed to stop the new coronavirus – and as soon as possible. Several candidates are already being developed. The first, which is now being tested in humans, comes from Moderna Therapeutics in Seattle, reports Technology Review. The company’s technology has enabled it to bring a vaccine into clinical trials more quickly than ever before. The first step, which has already begun, is a safety study to determine whether the vaccine is dangerous and actually triggers an immune response. The study is currently scheduled to last 14 months.

PS4 game “The Last of Us 2” postponed indefinitely

Although the words Coronavirus or Covid-19 are not used, the global crisis is cited as the reason for another postponement of The Last of Us 2. Developer Naughty Dog speaks of a difficult decision for the entire team, which has been working under high pressure and many overtime hours to complete the title for Playstation 4. Apart from a few small bugs the game is finished. When exactly The Last of Us 2 will be released remains uncertain.

Linux on the mobile phone: New attempt with the Pinephone

The first of several projects working on the porting and development of FOSS systems for smartphones has submitted a device. Pine Microsystems is launching a smartphone with pre-installed Ubuntu touch. The Pinephone “Community Edition: UBports” is primarily aimed at developers and community members.

The “UBports Community Edition” is the first of several collaborative projects working on the porting and development of FOSS systems for smartphones. The UBports community is actively developing the delivered Ubuntu touch, after Canonical has officially discontinued and handed over the project in 2017.

Various operating systems

Users of the Pinephone have the possibility to install other ARM-based operating systems instead of Ubuntu-Touch – for example PostmarketOS, SailfishOS or Manjaro – and to boot from the SD card. Like Ubuntu-Touch, these are mostly in alpha or beta state and are not suitable for daily use.

The Pinephone has an ARM Cortex A-53 quad core with an Allwinner A64 chipset, which clocks with 1.2 Ghz and 2GB LPDDR3 memory. The display has a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels. Rudimentary functions such as phone calls, SMS, LTE and GPS reception and hardware acceleration are available on the smartphone. The camera is not yet supported and a lack of USB host makes it difficult to operate peripheral devices. The battery life is also still causing problems.

For customers who are concerned about data protection and privacy, the dedicated hardware switches for the microphone, camera and wireless interfaces will be of interest. However, these are located under the battery cover and are difficult to reach.

Reminder of Pine64

The hardware revision 1.2 of the “Community Edition” is intended to correct many of the shortcomings of the “Braveheart Edition” of the Pinephone, which has been delivered to intrepid users since January. In the manufacturer’s own Pine64 forum especially German users express their displeasure about delays and intransparent communication. Buyers report of deliveries that do not pass through customs and are sent back due to lack of CE marking. Also, the manufacturer only offers a 30-day warranty and asks buyers not to request a replacement via PayPal if minor pixel errors occur.

This is reminiscent of the bumpy start of the Pine64 board, which Pine sent into the race in 2015 as a cheap Raspi competitor. After the hardware was sold, the manufacturer provided little software support and documentation for users and developers. With the “Community” and the “Braveheart” edition of the Pinephone, Pine now clearly points out that it is not a ready-to-use product. The CE marking is also available in the meantime.

The Pinephone “Community Edition: UBports” can be pre-ordered for $149 at the Pine Online Store. For each unit sold, the manufacturer plans to donate $10 to the UBports community to promote the spread of Linux on mobile phones.

Overview: What the new iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Pro 2020

A few days ago Apple introduced three new products, which will be launched this week. We’ll give you an overview, whereby our main focus will of course be on the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020. Have fun reading and maybe even shopping?

The new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is probably the most exciting of the updates, which is why we’re starting right away. The new Pro first comes with a new processor, the A12Z. Unfortunately, it is still as fast as the A12X could have been and it’s certainly not an A13 processor. But we should be satisfied with it. At least it brings a slight improvement.

We also get something really new: a LIDAR sensor. This sensor uses beams to measure how far away an object is and can thus measure space in three dimensions. This technology can be used later for better photos and already today AR apps benefit from it, such as Apple’s own Measure app.

We also got a keyboard called Magic Keyboard, which actually includes a trackpad and turns the iPad into a laptop. The gestures and mouse support was added in iPadOS 13.4, which we got yesterday.

The new MacBook Air

With MacBook Air, Apple is continuing what it began with the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019: In other words, a LIDAR sensor keyboard and better processors. That’s the new MacBook Air, and it even comes at the same price and with more memory in the basic SSD. Isn’t it great? Well, we still don’t recommend the basic version, because users have often said that it doesn’t perform well enough. Especially in our editorial office, we have a case of the 2019 MacBook Air that is really struggling with the i3.

But if you are only editing some Word documents and are otherwise on the Internet, then it will be enough for you.

The new Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is quickly explained. It simply has more memory under the hood, so it’s not even really a new product. But we thought we’d let you know anyway, because there will always be buyers of the Mac Mini among you.



Xbox 360, the significantly newer version to the old games console.

The Xbox 360 has been on the European market since 2005, and has found many friends and lovers. Developer of the Xbox 360 is of course Microsoft. One knows them also under the name Xbos 2 or Xbox Next.

The Xbox has been developed so that you can play on it. But what does play mean? Nothing, because many people use the game console even just to do a little sport after their stressful working day, and so let the workday end completely alone and relaxed. The console is also often used to be online and to be connected to other players.

Everyone who has bought an Xbox 360 has the possibility to create a premium account. The Premium Account is available in three different colors, gold, silver and bronze. Each color has its own advantages for the respective user.

Premium Account Gold:

The premium account Gold for the Xbox 360 contains basically everything that the user needs. So you can surf for a whole year for free on the marketplace of the account, and download a certain number of games for free from the marketplace, as a demo of course.

The silver account of the game console contains the same as the gold edition, with the difference that it does not refer to a whole year, but only to half a year.

And now to the Bronze Account, this account contains the same as the gold and silver account, only that it refers to three months, and not to half a year or a whole year. Each of these premium accounts costs a fixed amount once a year, and the user can start using his game console.