6 amazing ways to generate more leads through email marketing

Regardless of what many people think, email marketing is still an effective way to generate leads and even conversions. Every day, around 90 billion emails are sent worldwide for business purposes and there is nothing to suggest that this number will soon fall. Every business owner should spend some time trying to get the attention of their potential customers through email marketing. This approach is usually cheaper than other strategies and can give so much back – and maybe even a little more, depending on the target group. The following article shows ten amazing ways entrepreneurs can generate more leads with email marketing.

# 1: Ask for permission

To start with, you will of course need the permission of your target group so that you can send messages to your potential customers at all. This request itself is already a way to generate leads. After all, prospects first have to fill out the forms on your website so that you can get their email addresses and send out promotional material. Once this process is complete, you can already assume that your potential customers are interested in staying in touch with you. This is a good sign for future conversions.

# 2: The offer is something special

Probably no one goes to the trouble of opening an e-mail that does not provide them with new information. Your readers will simply delete it or keep it for later – which means they will never read the message. So if you want your email marketing to have an impact on your audience, you need to offer them something special. It can be an exclusive offer, a free offer, a discount or an early bird price.

# 3: Manageable personalizations

You have probably read that you should always personalize your e-mails. The most common way to do this is by addressing your audience with their names. Although it may sound reasonable at first, personalization may not be the best method. The thing is that many experts say that too much familiarity sounds wrong and uncomfortable too soon. Especially when it is your first contact. What is much more important is high-quality and relevant content that appeals to your readers, not just any well-meant platitudes.

# 4: No more than three offers

Retail stores have the biggest problems with this issue. After all, they have a wide range of products and don’t want to waste the opportunity to advertise their items. When retailers build their email marketing, they often tend to promote multiple products with one message. This approach competes with the weak attention span of readers. So it’s best to send only three offers per message. More would only confuse your potential customers.

# 5: Create a weekly newsletter

Even if you are not familiar with the news business, you can still benefit from emails to your mailing list with tips and articles about your industry. A weekly newsletter is good for your business in two ways:

1.) If you send high-quality information to your target group, you will soon be considered an expert in your industry. The confidence of your target group will grow.
2.) You remain in the memory of your readers.

# 6: Find the best time of day for your newsletter

You probably already have a list of statistics that tells you what time and day of the week you should send your emails. This is a good start. However, you should ignore your analyses for a while and draw your own conclusions. The thing is that every business owner reads the same statistics as you do. And they will all want to send their emails at the same time and on the same day as you. You have probably noticed the problem that arises: a big competition for attention. That means, depending on the habits of your target group, you might want to try an unconventional schedule and find out when is the ideal time of day for your newsletter.