5 advantages of the low carb diet

For many strength athletes and bodybuilders it is impossible to imagine life without it – the low carb diet. The term Low Carb stands for a form of nutrition in which the proportion of carbohydrates is reduced as far as possible. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of low carb nutrition, foods containing starch and sugar are eliminated. This means that all sweets, potatoes, rice, bread, white flour products and drinks containing sugar disappear from the menu. This article shows the advantages of the low carb diet as part of a weight reducing diet.

Advantages of the Low Carb diet to lose body weight

Some myths revolve around the low carb diet. Some swear by the rapid weight loss, others demonize this form of nutrition. The advantages of the low carb diet are scientifically proven.

While the intake of carbohydrates is drastically reduced, foods containing fat and protein are explicitly allowed. Instead of carbohydrates, the body draws energy from sources of fat and protein.

A low-carb diet provides for an amount of carbohydrates below 100 grams per day. It is strictly recommended to eat a low-carbohydrate diet in the evening to promote fat burning overnight.

Not only rapid weight loss but many health-promoting results can be achieved with the low carb diet.

The following 5 points explain in detail the advantages of the Low Carb diet.

1. high weight loss

In contrast to a low-fat diet, the low carb diet means that you lose weight much faster at the beginning of the diet. This is largely due to the fact that one gram of carbohydrate binds a good 2.6 grams of water. One of the great advantages of the low carb diet is that excess water is disposed of from the body. This contributes to accelerated weight loss.

2. lowering the blood sugar level

The carbohydrates are broken down into short-chain glucose molecules when consumed. These cause the blood sugar level to rise, which in some cases can lead to insulin peaks. An insulin peak causes the blood sugar level to shoot up, which in the worst case can lead to type II diabetes. A low carb diet can help to stabilize the blood sugar level.

3. improvement of the metabolism

One of the other benefits of the low carb diet, is the improvement of metabolism. By better satisfying the fat and protein rich diet, it keeps the blood sugar level constantly low. As a result, recurrent attacks of ravenous appetite and the desire for snacks for in-between times are eliminated.

The metabolism needs more energy to convert protein into energy than to digest carbohydrates. Therefore, for the same amount of calories, less remains to be stored as fat. The metabolism works more and uses more energy to form the glucose from the fatty and amino acids.

4. lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure is the trigger for serious diseases in the western world. The benefits of the low carb diet are also reflected in the reduction of blood pressure. The risk of a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure is thus significantly reduced. The blood pressure benefits directly from weight loss through the low carb diet.

5. more energy

Many people who lost weight due to the benefits of the low carb diet reported more energy and a better mood after changing to low carb. They were more energetic after a diet, had a more alert mind and fewer mood swings. Some have reported a significantly better skin texture.


The low carb diet provides for rapid weight loss by reducing carbohydrates. The daily consumption of carbohydrates has led to modern diseases such as diabetes. The goal of low carb is a conscious reduction, not the banishment of carbohydrates. When choosing a low carb diet, one should follow this principle. It is called low carb and not zero carb diet. The reason for weight gain is not the carbohydrates, but the calories. And the calories are found in all main nutrients.