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William Hill to close three online casino brands in early 2022

British gaming group William Hill has announced that its online casinos EuroGrand, 21Nova and Casino Club will be shut down in January 2022. The gaming company is doing this in order to better focus on the operations of Mr. Green and William Hill.

In doing so, William Hill states that players of EuroGrand, 21 Nova and Casino Club will have until Monday, January 24, 2022 to withdraw funds from their accounts. (Source:

Users who are part of a loyalty program and transfer their accounts to Mr. Green and William Hill will be added to a similar program at the new sites.

William Hill says that marketing efforts for the three brands have also now ceased and no new accounts are being accepted. EuroGrand and 21Nova were both launched in 2006, while Casino Club launched in 2009.

With the sites going offline, William Hill will continue to offer six online casinos primarily aimed at the UK market: Mr. Green, William Hill, Redbet,, Bertil and Mama Mia Bingo.

William Hill further reported that of its revenue of $1.76 billion (equivalent to €1.55 billion) in 2020, online operations accounted for 61% of revenue. Physical gaming stores would bring in 26% of gross revenue and the company’s U.S. operations would represent the remaining 13%. In the Netherlands, William Hill and its online casino brands are not active.

About William Hill

William Hill Limited is an international company that focuses on both offline and online gambling and is based in London. The company was previously listed on the London Stock Exchange until it was acquired by Caesars Entertainment in April 2021.

Indeed, earlier this year it was to be announced that Caesars would acquire the British operator for a sum worth $3.86 (€3.41) billion. The U.S. gaming operator has indicated that it has no interest in retaining William Hill’s more than 1,400 U.K. betting stores.

Parimatch Casino Review India

If you are into online gambling and digital casinos you might want to check out Parimatch. This is a global all-encompassing casino gaming platform that comes with a bunch of casino games including (but not limited to) Slot machine gaming, and live table gaming among others. The best part: this service is not globally restrictive and people from any corner of the globe can sign up for this casino. Registering to this casino is as simple as it gets and the same applies to the deposit and withdrawal process. Unlike other platforms, you can easily make your preferred deposit or withdraw any amount through commonly accepted payment methods in India including UPI payments.

But how exactly does Parimatch casino work? What are its many pros and cons? Does it come with a welcome bonus? Who founded the company? Does it even have a gaming license? We will find all that and more in the following few sections. So if you’ve been interested in casino gaming and you’re looking for an Indian casino gaming platform that caters to all your requirements, here’s everything you need to know.

Pros & Cons of Parimatch

Even before we study further about Parimatch, it is crucial to understand what set of features it comes with. In this section, we will discuss all about it. In the first subsection, we will discuss the many benefits of using Parimatch. Later, we will move on to the caveats and cons that the company can work on.


Digital Sports

Ever wanted to play casino digitally? Well, Parimatch now fulfills this dream. It comes with an excellent sportsbook that is completely virtual. This way you can play your favorite games at any point in time without any limitations as such. You might want to play football and basketball tennis on Parimatch.

eSports Betting

If you ever wanted to bet on esports, which is also the future of virtual betting, Parimatch is probably one of the best options. Every game comes with some attractive prizes and you’d be lured to try every one of them. Currently, you can bet on multiple esports games on Parimatch, including (but not limited to) Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Dota 2 among others.

In case you didn’t know already, each of these games comes with multiple tournaments which also means that you get multiple opportunities to place bets and earn some extra bucks. Parimatch also deviates from the conventional rules that you would otherwise find in a regular sportsbook. The rules here are extremely competitive and incredibly exciting.

A Dedicated Casino Channel

Parimatch doesn’t just offer sportsbooks, but it also offers a completely dedicated casino. While many are still unaware of this, casino games are exciting and highly diverse. Even a first look at this casino section would give you some basic idea on how to operate it. It is extremely easy to navigate and you can conveniently sign up for the casino game of your choice even if you’re navigating the platform for the first time. Once we land on the casino page, you will be amazed by the type of games because the majority of these games aren’t available elsewhere. Currently, there is an option for exploring the existing slots like poker and table games among others. The left menu is also highly navigable, and you can conveniently browse anything you want.

Poker Games

If poker is what keeps you hooked, Parimatch is your best bet. With the increasing popularity of poker, more individuals are trying to offer a unique poker experience. Parimatch is an edge ahead of others because they come with a dedicated section for the poker that also operates independently.

Here you will find a detailed list of all the tournaments that are currently running live. This also means you can make your preferred pick and choose anything you practically like. The poker bit also comes with a dedicated space teaching you to place poker bets. This is an incredible feature because it often gets baffling for poker players to navigate through the rules of the different casino gaming platforms.

The best part: you can simply download your poker app from Parimatch. You can access it from Windows or any other OS, which also adds to the cross-compatibility of the platform.

Easily Navigable

If you’re tired of virtual gaming platforms where navigation seems to be quite difficult, Parimatch comes as a welcome breeze! navigating the site is extremely simple and all the features are comprehensively listed allowing you to understand each one of them with complete ease. The company has created several small help sections on each of its landing pages that teach you about the game rules and processes. This is an excellent feature for anyone who is just getting started with a casino and doesn’t know much about it. What’s more, the platform comes with a dedicated FAQ section, where all your queries about the game and payment are duly clarified in real-time.

Easy Sign-up Process

While signing up on other platforms might be difficult, Parimatch has no such issues. Simply log into the site, follow the instructions, enter some basic credentials, and you’re all set! It’ll take just a couple of minutes to register on the platform and even less time to place a new bet. So, if you’re looking for something wholly uncomplicated, this might just be your go-to platform.

Simple Deposit and Withdrawal

While you will get to the deposit and withdrawal section in the later section of this article, it is still important to highlight this incredible feature. The company allows you to pay your deposits conveniently using UPI or any other method. The same applies to withdrawals. The entire process is extremely transparent and all you need to do is click a couple of buttons. The company doesn’t involve any hidden fee which makes it even more reliable.


As with every other company, Parimatch too comes with a set of shortcomings that can be improved and worked on. We will discuss some of these common flaws here.

Customer Support

Well, we were really impressed by the dedicated FAQ section offered by the company, the live chat section certainly has room for improvement. Most online casinos have this facility to provide the right answers to all your queries, immediately. However, such is not the case with Parimatch. We did not love the live chat and found it fairly unhelpful.

With that said, you can still get a somewhat live support experience by contacting them through WhatsApp or Telegram. While the process may appear cumbersome, the professionals helping or assisting you are extremely quick and competent.

About Parimatch Casino – Founder, Gambling License & Reputation

As mentioned already, Parimatch is a global casino gaming and betting company that operates from Europe. The company is headquartered at Limassol, which is a small area in Cyprus and its history dates back to early 1994.

The company has proper gambling licenses and they currently operate according to the gambling regulations in the following countries:

• Cyprus
• Belarus
• Kazakhstan
• Tajikistan

We have also discovered that the company operates locally with a bunch of licenses in parts of Tanzania and some areas of Russia. All activities are performed from Curacao, which is also their primary location.

Currently, Sergey Portnov is operating as the CEO and given its high priority in proper licensing, the company has a solid reputation across the globe. Over the last couple of months, it is also getting popular in India, thanks to its incredible range of features and excellent offerings. Indians also prefer the simple UPI payment option that several platforms do not offer.

Parimatch Welcome Bonus

As with every other leading Gambling sites, Parimatch offers an unparalleled experience with its multiple bonuses and long-running campaigns. At times, the company also organizes tournaments that offer value-added services to all its customers.

For the first time, you’ll get a deposit bonus of 150% and in case you have chosen sports betting you will receive 12,000 rupees to use and play your favorite games. The current welcome bonus stands at INR 105,000. Also, if you happen to be an active player you are liable to yet another bonus of 25% which is matched according to all your deposits. Additionally, will also receive cashback on all your virtual casino games Which can go up to a whopping 14,000 rupees.

Like we initially said, you will find some of the coolest range of tournaments from Parimatch. The best part: this is one of those places where you get to win everything starting from the free spins along with your extra funds and deals.

The biggest highlight of the company, however, is their Bonus calendar which allows all players to participate in regular deals. These bonuses start from 10 and can go up to 20 free spins on some specific games. Additionally, you will also get bonuses along with the spins on specific days.

Both the daily and the welcome bonus are excellent, to say the least and they simply improve the value of the game and the players too get more excited and hooked.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Now that you are familiar with the Welcome bonus amount, you are probably wondering what terms and conditions it comes with. According to us, it is fairly simple. The wagering period will only start following a week of the registration. Next, you can only try a 10x bonus wager when it comes to sports betting and this is restricted to sports betting alone. To wager, you can place parlay bets with a minimum odds of 2.0.

Now that you understand these rules better, playing the games and accessing your bonuses will be even easier.

Parimatch Play Casino Game Selection

As mentioned already, Parimatch comes with a wide and excellent selection of casino games. In this section, we will further elaborate on it.

Online Slots

Parimatch comes with an entirely dedicated section for online slots and will find thousands of slot machines that can be played with virtually. The best part: each of these machines has been conceptualized and developed by the best in the business including BetSoft and Red Tiger among others.

Some of these games are also inspired by contemporary games while others are based on entirely unknown concepts. You will have an easy time navigating through both.

Table Games

In case your fan does some classic casino games like Rowlett or blackjack you might want to check out Parimatch. The company doesn’t disappoint their oriental fans either because they come with specific oriental selections like the Sic Bo. The platform currently boasts a unique selection of 110 table games that are entirely different and diverse.

Live Casino

This is yet another section that comes with plenty of games that you can play live or in real-time. Currently, Parimatch has 100 live games, and given the number of options you’re offered you are sure to end up with a perfect game that will keep you hooked for hours. This live casino boasts more than 100 different live games.

Currently, you can enjoy anything from Hindi Roulette to Teen Patti.


Another thing we love about this platform is that it comes with a responsive interface meaning you can use it and operate from practically any device. What’s more, you can also access the platform from almost all leading browsers, and as previously mentioned the registration process is as simple as ever.

Parimatch Sports Betting

The Indian side of the app is naturally more inclined towards cricket and you will find every Major League that is driving the nation. Additionally, you’ll also find a bunch of football sports betting options which include almost all leading European leagues including the Europa League as well as the Champions League.

Parimatch Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal process in Parimatch is incredibly simple. all you need to do is place an initial deposit and after a point in time you can withdraw all your earnings right away. Currently, the company supports almost all leading payment providers both for deposits as well as withdrawals or any additional transaction.

At this point, you are probably wondering whether to use your Visa or MasterCard to deposit on the platform. While this is permissible, we wouldn’t recommend it because for Indian users it is best to settle with UPI or Skrill. You can also try Neteller in case you haven’t tried it already. What’s more, because it accepts UPI payments all the leading UPI players including Gpay, Phonepe, and Paytm are accepted methods of payment.

However, even before you initiate a transaction, read the terms properly. This will ensure that you stick to all the major roles and thus don’t lose any of your hard-earned money. For instance, you would want to note that Parimatch doesn’t allow you to withdraw money if you already have an active bonus and have raised a wager. You can only withdraw the money if you are unafraid to lose the bonus funds and all other amounts. Likewise, you can’t activate your account without making an initial first deposit.

Parimatch Casino FAQs

What is the legal status of Parimatch in India?

Luckily, for most of us, you can legally use Parimatch in India. Because the company is already licensed from Curacao, they can offer betting and casino gaming services across India in a virtual environment which they are already doing.

The Indian gambling law states that no gambling operator can run their business from an Indian location and Parimatch perfectly fits this criterion.

How to Join Parimatch?

You can easily join Parimatch from their website. Alternatively, you might want to download the app from your Windows/IOS/Android phones.

Parimatch Casino Review Rating & Summary

As you probably know at this point, Parimatch is incredibly popular, and it is one of the best live virtual casino platforms to be set in India. We loved how diverse the games were and customers seem to resonate with this view.

The best part: you have a perfect combination of every type of game, so all you need to do is pick your favorite.

Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about Parimatch, what are you waiting for? The company is reliable and comes with multiple licenses in the countries it operates in. Because it has been operating since 1994 we can also guarantee its reliability and given the rave customer reviews it seems to be a popular app across the world. We love that Parimatch comes with a bunch of excellent features, multiple options for casino gamers, hundreds of games to pick from, an easy set of rules, and plenty of bonus offerings.

We were also impressed by the look and feel of the entire site. It is easily navigable, and you can practically find anything you’re looking for in a couple of minutes. The app is great for first timers as well and since it is compatible with almost all types of OS, you can use it through any device and play your favorite casino games at any point of time. The rules are extremely transparent and unlike other Indian casino companies, they do not have any shady aspect to their business. The FAQ section is comprehensive and given the many perks of the site, we would certainly recommend it to every casino enthusiast.

International Olympic Committee speaks out in favor of Esports

Last Friday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) unanimously adopted the “Olympic Agenda 2020 + 5” as a new roadmap to 2025. At the 137th Plenary Session, the IOC made the recommendation to promote e-sports.

IOC President Thomas Bach presented the “Olympic Agenda 2020 + 5” [page in English] and said the Corona crisis had fundamentally changed the world. It will never be the same. This has far-reaching social, financial, economic and political consequences.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is an independent, non-profit organization responsible for organizing and overseeing the Olympic Games. The IOC was founded on June 23, 1894, two years before the dawn of the modern era of the Olympic Games in Athens.

Affiliated to the IOC at the level of the individual countries are the national Olympic committees. In Germany, this is the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

In light of this, the ICO had launched an extensive discussion to develop a vision for the future. In the process, he said, five broad trends have emerged that the IOC, along with many other social opinion leaders, sees as critical.

These five trends are solidarity, digitalization, sustainability, credibility, and economic and financial resilience. Based on this, he said, 15 recommendations were developed for the “Olympic Agenda 2020 + 5” together with all stakeholders in the Olympic Movement. One of the leading portals regrets the decision.

Promotion of e-sports recommended by Olympic Movement

One of the recommendations includes promoting the development of virtual sports and further involvement in video game communities. Item nine of the agenda states thus:

Taking into account youth affinity for video games and digital entertainment, creating unique Olympic products and experiences through virtual sports will increase engagement with people. This is in line with the IOC’s digital strategy. The goal of this direct engagement is to promote sports participation and Olympic values with a particular focus on youth.

The agenda mentions virtual sports such as soccer, but also competitive games such as League of Legends. National sports federations are to be encouraged to develop their sports in the area of e-sports as well.

So far, e-sports players have had limited access to available resources compared to traditional athletes. The IOC is aware of this and aims to provide support to e-sports athletes in areas such as gender equality and physical and mental health.

What this might look like is not stated in the agenda. It therefore remains to be seen whether the DOSB will change its stance on e-sports in light of the IOC’s clear statement. As recently as 2018, the DOSB had stated that e-sports “do not fit under the umbrella of the DOSB.” Stronger promotion and development as well as recognition of e-sports in Germany is now likely to depend on how the DOSB reacts to the new agenda.


Delayed opening of gambling halls: Paul Gauselmann writes to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

German gambling mogul Paul Gauselmann has written a personal letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the letter, Gauselmann is said to have expressed disappointment and regret that licensed gaming halls in the UK would not be allowed to open alongside betting shops on April 12.

This is not conducive to the principles of fair competition for which the UK traditionally stands, Gauselmann explained. He therefore asked the British prime minister to reconsider the decision, as gaming halls do not pose a risk of infection.

Gambling industry is discriminated

In its letter, Gauselmann stresses that its company is one of the largest operators of gambling venues in the UK. The company has invested around GBP 450 million to date and employs more than 2,000 people, he said.

But now Gauselmann is wondering whether it is worth continuing to invest in new sites as planned because the gaming venues are being treated disrespectfully. This, he said, had affected the Gauselmann Group’s confidence in its UK investments.

Paul Gauselmann has been running his gambling business for over 60 years. However, it is said to be the first time that the gambling magnate has personally approached a head of government to discuss political decisions.

He said the company was ready to cooperate with the government and contribute to the country’s economic recovery. The Gauselmann Group had been audited by the Global Gambling Guidance Group [page in English] for compliance with international standards. This provides a strong basis for investment plans in the UK.

Now, however, in light of the political decision, there were doubts about whether future investments would pay off. Gauselmann says it is aware that the government will have to make difficult decisions. However, the aim is to prevent low-risk companies from being excluded from the reopening.

Austrian Flag

Austria: Communist Party in favor of banning small-scale gambling

The Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) in the province of Styria is said to be in favor of a ban on small-scale gambling. The party wants to reverse a law that re-regulated slot machine gambling in Styria in 2016, according to a Kronen Zeitung report published Friday.

The reason, it said, was the great dangers for players. At slot machines, players in Styria are allowed to wager 10 euros per game. A game round lasts one second. There is no maximum daily playing time. The KPÖ therefore considers a ban on small-scale gambling to be the only way forward. KPÖ Klubobfrau Claudia Klimt-Weithaler had stated that “vending machines have a particularly negative effect on gambling addicts”.

Gambling addiction in connection with small gambling is a current topic in Styria. Only on Thursday, the Fachstelle für Glücksspielsucht Steiermark had presented its new self-help group “Gemeinsam spielfrei”. The goal of the online self-help group is to “get a grip on gambling problems through mutual exchange and assistance.”

The Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) in the province of Styria is said to be campaigning for a ban on small-scale gambling. The party wants to reverse a law that re-regulated slot machine gambling in Styria in 2016, according to a report published Friday.

The reason, it said, was the great dangers for players. At slot machines, players in Styria are allowed to wager 10 euros per game. A game round lasts one second. There is no maximum daily playing time. The KPÖ therefore considers a ban on small-scale gambling to be the only way forward. KPÖ Klubobfrau Claudia Klimt-Weithaler had stated, “Automats have a particularly negative effect on gambling addicts.”

Gambling addiction in connection with small gambling is a current topic in Styria. Only on Thursday, the Fachstelle für Glücksspielsucht Steiermark had presented its new self-help group “Gemeinsam spielfrei”. The goal of the online self-help group is to “get a grip on gambling problems through mutual exchange and assistance.”

Player protection has long been an issue

The KPÖ’s positioning comes at a time when Austrian politicians are already working on a new gambling package that is to include stricter player protection measures. However, the party’s critical stance toward the gambling industry is not fundamentally new.

In a position paper of the KPÖ Styria from September 6, 2019, the party explicitly took a position on the topic of gambling. It states there:

“As the only party, the KPÖ stands for a ban on small-scale gambling in its current form. In the interest of a powerful gambling industry, thousands are driven to ruin, and politics looks on.”

On November 16, 2019, the party then published a detailed article, which primarily criticized the alleged entanglements between Austrian politics and the gambling sector.

In particular, the links between Austrian federal politics and Novomatic AG were criticized. According to the KPÖ, however, major Styrian parties also maintained “close ties to the gambling industry.” Among others, the former ÖVP member of parliament Wolfgang Kasic was named, who in 2011 as chairman of the subcommittee for gambling in the provincial parliament was said to have accepted funds for Novomatic advertisements and later resigned.

Klimt-Weithaler had already stated at the time that the gambling industry should no longer be allowed to dictate state policy.