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Online Gambling in Britain

The commission for gambling recently announced new regulations that the online firms and operators should adhere to in order to make gambling fair, enjoyable and safe for the participants. Open consultations on the new rules will be done to make sure the customer’s number of years and their identity details are thoroughly scrutinized and in a fast way to make sure the process benefit the ultimate customers.

Safer for Children

These internet and online businesses majoring in gambling have been asked to conduct age verification checks on their customers. The operator should not permit customer’s withdrawal without having completed age verification procedures. More details on

Supposing the customer is found to be a minor or not of legal age to gamble, then the stakes should be returned to the bookie. In order to effectively take care of the risk of underage gambling, the new rules dictate that the internet and online businesses for gambling must conduct a verification check on the age of the customer before they:

  • Gamble with the bookie whether on a free bet or with their own cash
  • Deposit any cash into the account they have opened.

The commission furthermore directed that also the ages of customers be determined before they can be allowed access to the free-to-play category of the gambling games on sites. These categories of games are technically not gambling as there is no financial loss or gain in any way. However the case, there is no reason at all why such games should be allowed for children to participate in.

Safer and Fairer Terms

The commission announced on March 2018 that some online and businesses online were not acting fairly when it came to the withdrawal of funds. It said that the bookies were asking for surplus identity information before one could actually make a withdrawal of their own money after winnings.

About 15% of all complainants were customers complaining that their cash was withheld the moment they were trying to withdraw the winnings. They were being asked to submit some sort of ID or identification documents that could verify it’s them.

The set rules charge the licensee to:

  • Ask for additional verification information prior to even opening an account.
  • Verify the address, name and their birth date before they are allowed to gamble
  • Make it known to the customer the kind of identity information that may be required from them before they even make a deposit, the instances that may lead to being asked to submit additional information, and basically how that document should reach the gambling platform.
  • Take the necessary action to make sure that the information provided by the customers is accurate. You do not want children to be engaged in gambling claiming that they are adults.

These alterations will definitely decrease and prevent any chances of criminal activities as the gambling websites already have a lot of information on their customers. It is also good news to the gamblers as they will no longer be asked to provide identification upon withdrawals as this should have been done a long time ago when they were signing up.

The changes made to these internet and online businesses also have the ability to identify a gambler who wants to gamble in self-exclusion. It also applies to the licensee’s self-exclusion schemes. This basically insinuates that efficient verification by the operator will bar a customer from verification and hence they will not be able to gamble unless they give the correct information.

Their details will be checked by both the Gamstop with the verification data they have and the self-exclusion database for the operator.

The chief executive for the gambling commission said that these changes are enacted to protect the vulnerable people and children from harms resulting from gambling. He also adds that they will bring down the number of crimes that are usually linked to gambling-related issues.

The gamblers will also enjoy their winnings in due time. There will be no delays after winning bets, you will get your money without being asked to provide more information. He also adds that Britain’s market being the largest regulated online gambling market should be the fairest and safest to use by gamblers.


The gambling commission is going to launch consultations on the plans to see how licensees interact with customers who are experiencing harm that is related to gambling. The commission will also require having access to the evidence on the functionality of the gambling blocking software. The internet and online businesses will have to stick to these for smooth flow with the authorities.

The online psychs trick: How to win people over quickly

Online psychs and fortune tellers seem to know everything: they give the impression of having known us for a long time. There is a trick behind this, which is also helpful in communication to win over other people.

They don’t simply accept everything unproven, but like to check critically whether what they are told is really true. In addition, you are a person who prefers a certain amount of variety and change and who does not like to be restricted by prohibitions or restrictions. However, there are probably also situations in your life when you wonder whether you have made the right decision.

Do you feel well described by the above statement? Very probably I do. Online psychs (more on like to use statements that apply to almost everyone. They give the impression of knowing a lot about a person, although the opposite is true. The person addressed gets the feeling that the other person has known him or her for a long time. He opens up and it is easy to find out more about their specific motives and needs.

The technique of universal statements

Universal statements are simple statements that have a very characteristic effect on a person – especially in one-to-one conversations. In reality they are very general and often ambiguous, which makes them applicable to any person.

Some universal statements appeal to our wishful thinking. This means that one tells a person only how he would like to be perceived by others. It doesn’t matter whether what you say is true or not. What is important is that the person opposite considers it right and agrees. An example: Almost everyone thinks they are critical. The reality often looks different. We like to be guided by our gut feeling. This is not wrong, but it contradicts the self-perception as a critical person.

Another example: Every person experiences situations in which he is not sure about his decisions. Anyone can interpret a general statement on the subject of uncertainty into a situation that suits them. In his self-perception, the cartomancer has thus apparently named many facts about us, but from the outside, he has said very little.

The psychological effect behind this

The fact that the technique of the universal statement works is due to the Barnum effect. It originates from psychology and says that people accept universal statements about their own personality as an accurate description.

The American psychology professor Bertram Forer from the Veterans Administration Mental Hygiene Clinic in Los Angeles examined this effect in 1948. Under the pretext of conducting a personality test, he had his students fill out a questionnaire. A week later, he gave them the evaluation. The students were then asked to rate on a scale of zero (not at all true) to five (very true) to what extent they found themselves in the evaluation. On average, the students gave 4.26 points, which corresponds to an agreement of about 85 percent. The interesting thing is that each student was presented with the same text word for word – it consisted exclusively of universal statements.

Firefox has a fire: Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities discovered

The Firefox web browser contains two critical vulnerabilities that are already being exploited by attackers. An update is available and should be installed immediately.

The Mozilla Foundation points out two security vulnerabilities in the current versions of its web browser Firefox. The two vulnerabilities are of the so-called ‘use-after-free’ type and could be used to execute malicious code in the browser on the user’s system.

The advisory states that Firefox attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities have already been observed, so users should update as soon as possible. The two vulnerabilities are assigned CVE numbers 2020-6819 and 2020-6820. 74.0.1 of the current Firefox browser and 68.6.1 of the ISR branch of Firefox have been sealed (in all operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux).

Francisco Alonso of revskills and Javier Marcos of JMPSec reported the vulnerabilities, which concern possible race conditions when using the nsDocShell destructor and when handling a ReadableStream. On Twitter Alonso points out that other browsers might be affected as well. At the moment there are no further details about the vulnerabilities, but they will follow soon. Already in January this year there was a critical vulnerability in Firefox.

The age of paywalls

The current situation is accelerating what has been apparent for a long time: the pure advertising financing of media has had its day.

The situation in many media companies seems absurd: the demand for information is reaching an unprecedented level, production continues almost undiminished in home offices. Nevertheless, US media in particular are already having to make drastic cuts. One of the main pillars of modern media operations is currently out of action, namely advertising. Although advertising banners are very present in online media in particular, revenues have fallen considerably, as many companies have cut back their marketing budgets in view of the loss of revenues in the current situation.

Advertising on our own behalf

However, what is now proving to be an acute threat to the existence of many companies is not only due to the current crisis. The question has long been raised as to how sustainable the business model that financed the past 20 to 30 years of online journalism is. The fact that online advertising could not pay for the entire media budget became apparent when more and more publishers set up paywalls on their websites. Although a good deal of reporting is still available free of charge, more and more links are being created: Only for paying readers there is full content.

The fact that many German publishers are not quite as serious as US providers is also due to the fact that they are becoming their best advertising customers. Many publishers such as Gruner+Jahr are advertising for their readers with free trial subscriptions, local newspapers are setting up new newsletters. In this way, the editorial offices, which report daily on the situation on site, attract new readership groups. Or even the old ones who are currently not going to the kiosk.

Discomfort with Silicon Valley

There has been a malaise with the advertising business for a long time. On the one hand, data-based online advertising threatens the credibility of publishers, who often do not have complete control over what content appears on their websites and how their readers’ data is processed. On the other hand, those who completely elude the business have to accept severe competitive disadvantages. And no matter how the situation develops, which new laws are passed, the perceived duopoly between Google and Facebook always appears as the winner.

Only with the basic data protection regulation and the legislative procedures in California has the debate gained momentum as to whether the rampant system really serves a purpose other than to finance the adtech industry itself. Gilead Edelman argues in Wired magazine for the complete abolition of microtargeting: The system destroys the economic basis of the media without providing tangible benefits to users.

Brief information: 5G, Google, Corona vaccination study, PS4 game

Our weekday news overview summarizes the most important news of the day in a short and concise manner.

Federal government wants to convince 5G sceptics

Together with local authorities, the Federal Government wants to achieve more understanding among citizens for the construction of new mobile masts and convince “5G sceptics”. The corona crisis once again underlines the importance of high-performance digital infrastructures and end-to-end accessibility, according to a letter from Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. The background to this are concerns in the population about radiation exposure, for example. There is also criticism that transmission masts are disfiguring the landscape. According to the ministers, the municipalities have to participate in the search for sites for new mobile radio stations and finally have to actively support the planned transmitter stations on site.

Google supports fact checker for Covid-19 with millions

Google intends to financially support 20 fact-checking organisations worldwide that are dedicated to the fight against disinformation, particularly in connection with the corona virus. The funding program is said to be worth more than 6.3 million US dollars. The aim of the funding programme is to make broader use of existing expertise, share experiences and thus reduce the spread of false information. In Germany, the Correctiv research centre is being supported in order to further expand a programme with which it hopes to involve citizens in the fight against disinformation.

Corona vaccination study begins in the USA

A vaccine is needed to stop the new coronavirus – and as soon as possible. Several candidates are already being developed. The first, which is now being tested in humans, comes from Moderna Therapeutics in Seattle, reports Technology Review. The company’s technology has enabled it to bring a vaccine into clinical trials more quickly than ever before. The first step, which has already begun, is a safety study to determine whether the vaccine is dangerous and actually triggers an immune response. The study is currently scheduled to last 14 months.

PS4 game “The Last of Us 2” postponed indefinitely

Although the words Coronavirus or Covid-19 are not used, the global crisis is cited as the reason for another postponement of The Last of Us 2. Developer Naughty Dog speaks of a difficult decision for the entire team, which has been working under high pressure and many overtime hours to complete the title for Playstation 4. Apart from a few small bugs the game is finished. When exactly The Last of Us 2 will be released remains uncertain.

Resident Evil 3

The remake of Resident Evil 3 focuses more on action than on horror. If we are still afraid, you ask – watch.

We were just afraid again in VR instead of RL in Resident Evil 7 VR. In the livestream of Resident Evil 3 remake it should be more action-packed. We play the PC version of Capcom and start the campaign from the beginning. Protagonist Jill Valentine from the first Resident Evil is controlled by video producer Michael Wieczorek, who is looking forward to numerous comments and emotional support in the chat on Youtube or Twitch.

What you need to know about Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from 1999 for the first Playstation. The original was also more action-packed than its predecessors. However, the evil mutant Nemesis, who is always on Jill’s heels for most of the adventure, radiates fear. While the original still offered fixed camera perspectives, tank control and drawn backgrounds, the remake from the third-person perspective gets Nemesis by the collar. The action takes place simultaneously with Resident Evil 2, in which Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield explore the famous police station.

Linux on the mobile phone: New attempt with the Pinephone

The first of several projects working on the porting and development of FOSS systems for smartphones has submitted a device. Pine Microsystems is launching a smartphone with pre-installed Ubuntu touch. The Pinephone “Community Edition: UBports” is primarily aimed at developers and community members.

The “UBports Community Edition” is the first of several collaborative projects working on the porting and development of FOSS systems for smartphones. The UBports community is actively developing the delivered Ubuntu touch, after Canonical has officially discontinued and handed over the project in 2017.

Various operating systems

Users of the Pinephone have the possibility to install other ARM-based operating systems instead of Ubuntu-Touch – for example PostmarketOS, SailfishOS or Manjaro – and to boot from the SD card. Like Ubuntu-Touch, these are mostly in alpha or beta state and are not suitable for daily use.

The Pinephone has an ARM Cortex A-53 quad core with an Allwinner A64 chipset, which clocks with 1.2 Ghz and 2GB LPDDR3 memory. The display has a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels. Rudimentary functions such as phone calls, SMS, LTE and GPS reception and hardware acceleration are available on the smartphone. The camera is not yet supported and a lack of USB host makes it difficult to operate peripheral devices. The battery life is also still causing problems.

For customers who are concerned about data protection and privacy, the dedicated hardware switches for the microphone, camera and wireless interfaces will be of interest. However, these are located under the battery cover and are difficult to reach.

Reminder of Pine64

The hardware revision 1.2 of the “Community Edition” is intended to correct many of the shortcomings of the “Braveheart Edition” of the Pinephone, which has been delivered to intrepid users since January. In the manufacturer’s own Pine64 forum especially German users express their displeasure about delays and intransparent communication. Buyers report of deliveries that do not pass through customs and are sent back due to lack of CE marking. Also, the manufacturer only offers a 30-day warranty and asks buyers not to request a replacement via PayPal if minor pixel errors occur.

This is reminiscent of the bumpy start of the Pine64 board, which Pine sent into the race in 2015 as a cheap Raspi competitor. After the hardware was sold, the manufacturer provided little software support and documentation for users and developers. With the “Community” and the “Braveheart” edition of the Pinephone, Pine now clearly points out that it is not a ready-to-use product. The CE marking is also available in the meantime.

The Pinephone “Community Edition: UBports” can be pre-ordered for $149 at the Pine Online Store. For each unit sold, the manufacturer plans to donate $10 to the UBports community to promote the spread of Linux on mobile phones.

5 advantages of the low carb diet

For many strength athletes and bodybuilders it is impossible to imagine life without it – the low carb diet. The term Low Carb stands for a form of nutrition in which the proportion of carbohydrates is reduced as far as possible. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of low carb nutrition, foods containing starch and sugar are eliminated. This means that all sweets, potatoes, rice, bread, white flour products and drinks containing sugar disappear from the menu. This article shows the advantages of the low carb diet as part of a weight reducing diet.

Advantages of the Low Carb diet to lose body weight

Some myths revolve around the low carb diet. Some swear by the rapid weight loss, others demonize this form of nutrition. The advantages of the low carb diet are scientifically proven.

While the intake of carbohydrates is drastically reduced, foods containing fat and protein are explicitly allowed. Instead of carbohydrates, the body draws energy from sources of fat and protein.

A low-carb diet provides for an amount of carbohydrates below 100 grams per day. It is strictly recommended to eat a low-carbohydrate diet in the evening to promote fat burning overnight.

Not only rapid weight loss but many health-promoting results can be achieved with the low carb diet.

The following 5 points explain in detail the advantages of the Low Carb diet.

1. high weight loss

In contrast to a low-fat diet, the low carb diet means that you lose weight much faster at the beginning of the diet. This is largely due to the fact that one gram of carbohydrate binds a good 2.6 grams of water. One of the great advantages of the low carb diet is that excess water is disposed of from the body. This contributes to accelerated weight loss.

2. lowering the blood sugar level

The carbohydrates are broken down into short-chain glucose molecules when consumed. These cause the blood sugar level to rise, which in some cases can lead to insulin peaks. An insulin peak causes the blood sugar level to shoot up, which in the worst case can lead to type II diabetes. A low carb diet can help to stabilize the blood sugar level.

3. improvement of the metabolism

One of the other benefits of the low carb diet, is the improvement of metabolism. By better satisfying the fat and protein rich diet, it keeps the blood sugar level constantly low. As a result, recurrent attacks of ravenous appetite and the desire for snacks for in-between times are eliminated.

The metabolism needs more energy to convert protein into energy than to digest carbohydrates. Therefore, for the same amount of calories, less remains to be stored as fat. The metabolism works more and uses more energy to form the glucose from the fatty and amino acids.

4. lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure is the trigger for serious diseases in the western world. The benefits of the low carb diet are also reflected in the reduction of blood pressure. The risk of a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure is thus significantly reduced. The blood pressure benefits directly from weight loss through the low carb diet.

5. more energy

Many people who lost weight due to the benefits of the low carb diet reported more energy and a better mood after changing to low carb. They were more energetic after a diet, had a more alert mind and fewer mood swings. Some have reported a significantly better skin texture.


The low carb diet provides for rapid weight loss by reducing carbohydrates. The daily consumption of carbohydrates has led to modern diseases such as diabetes. The goal of low carb is a conscious reduction, not the banishment of carbohydrates. When choosing a low carb diet, one should follow this principle. It is called low carb and not zero carb diet. The reason for weight gain is not the carbohydrates, but the calories. And the calories are found in all main nutrients.




6 amazing ways to generate more leads through email marketing

Regardless of what many people think, email marketing is still an effective way to generate leads and even conversions. Every day, around 90 billion emails are sent worldwide for business purposes and there is nothing to suggest that this number will soon fall. Every business owner should spend some time trying to get the attention of their potential customers through email marketing. This approach is usually cheaper than other strategies and can give so much back – and maybe even a little more, depending on the target group. The following article shows ten amazing ways entrepreneurs can generate more leads with email marketing.

# 1: Ask for permission

To start with, you will of course need the permission of your target group so that you can send messages to your potential customers at all. This request itself is already a way to generate leads. After all, prospects first have to fill out the forms on your website so that you can get their email addresses and send out promotional material. Once this process is complete, you can already assume that your potential customers are interested in staying in touch with you. This is a good sign for future conversions.

# 2: The offer is something special

Probably no one goes to the trouble of opening an e-mail that does not provide them with new information. Your readers will simply delete it or keep it for later – which means they will never read the message. So if you want your email marketing to have an impact on your audience, you need to offer them something special. It can be an exclusive offer, a free offer, a discount or an early bird price.

# 3: Manageable personalizations

You have probably read that you should always personalize your e-mails. The most common way to do this is by addressing your audience with their names. Although it may sound reasonable at first, personalization may not be the best method. The thing is that many experts say that too much familiarity sounds wrong and uncomfortable too soon. Especially when it is your first contact. What is much more important is high-quality and relevant content that appeals to your readers, not just any well-meant platitudes.

# 4: No more than three offers

Retail stores have the biggest problems with this issue. After all, they have a wide range of products and don’t want to waste the opportunity to advertise their items. When retailers build their email marketing, they often tend to promote multiple products with one message. This approach competes with the weak attention span of readers. So it’s best to send only three offers per message. More would only confuse your potential customers.

# 5: Create a weekly newsletter

Even if you are not familiar with the news business, you can still benefit from emails to your mailing list with tips and articles about your industry. A weekly newsletter is good for your business in two ways:

1.) If you send high-quality information to your target group, you will soon be considered an expert in your industry. The confidence of your target group will grow.
2.) You remain in the memory of your readers.

# 6: Find the best time of day for your newsletter

You probably already have a list of statistics that tells you what time and day of the week you should send your emails. This is a good start. However, you should ignore your analyses for a while and draw your own conclusions. The thing is that every business owner reads the same statistics as you do. And they will all want to send their emails at the same time and on the same day as you. You have probably noticed the problem that arises: a big competition for attention. That means, depending on the habits of your target group, you might want to try an unconventional schedule and find out when is the ideal time of day for your newsletter.


Overview: What the new iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Pro 2020

A few days ago Apple introduced three new products, which will be launched this week. We’ll give you an overview, whereby our main focus will of course be on the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020. Have fun reading and maybe even shopping?

The new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is probably the most exciting of the updates, which is why we’re starting right away. The new Pro first comes with a new processor, the A12Z. Unfortunately, it is still as fast as the A12X could have been and it’s certainly not an A13 processor. But we should be satisfied with it. At least it brings a slight improvement.

We also get something really new: a LIDAR sensor. This sensor uses beams to measure how far away an object is and can thus measure space in three dimensions. This technology can be used later for better photos and already today AR apps benefit from it, such as Apple’s own Measure app.

We also got a keyboard called Magic Keyboard, which actually includes a trackpad and turns the iPad into a laptop. The gestures and mouse support was added in iPadOS 13.4, which we got yesterday.

The new MacBook Air

With MacBook Air, Apple is continuing what it began with the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019: In other words, a LIDAR sensor keyboard and better processors. That’s the new MacBook Air, and it even comes at the same price and with more memory in the basic SSD. Isn’t it great? Well, we still don’t recommend the basic version, because users have often said that it doesn’t perform well enough. Especially in our editorial office, we have a case of the 2019 MacBook Air that is really struggling with the i3.

But if you are only editing some Word documents and are otherwise on the Internet, then it will be enough for you.

The new Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is quickly explained. It simply has more memory under the hood, so it’s not even really a new product. But we thought we’d let you know anyway, because there will always be buyers of the Mac Mini among you.